MyElements by Yvonne
About Yvonne

Self-taught and self-employed, Yvonne Irvin has been creating one of a kind objects of art since her early childhood. Never content to concentrate her efforts in one area you can be sure whatever the latest medium is- the mood will be fun and the flavor will be eclectic.

Yvonne's early creative career started in Dallas doing the outdoor art festival circuit. Over the years she retired the show circuit in lieu of sales reps and galleries. Although she has never missed the uncertainty of weather at the outdoor shows, she did miss meeting and mingling with her customers.

MyELEMENTS has afforded Yvonne the opportunity to once again meet one on one with you at the bead shows.

So...please check her show schedule and come out and meet Yvonne and see her work in person. Once you've met Yvonne it will become readily apparent where all her style and color sense emanates from.

Creating is Yvonne's joy!

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